403 forbidden new softaculous installation

I did a installation of version 9.2.0 with Softaculous. I got the message that the installation is successful (see info at the bottom of this post) but when I go to my site I get a 403 Forbidden message. I installed it in a subdirectory of my main site, just to learn to use ConcreteCMS. Is this subdirectory the problem?
I’ve searched the docs, those forums, … but I can’t find any information about a 403 error after a fresh install.

Thanks for helping me out!


Concrete CMS 9.2.0 installation is complete. Below you can see the details of the installation:
Path : ***********/domains/comgames.be/public_html/concrete
URL : https://comgames.be/concrete
Admin URL : https://comgames.be/concrete/index.php/login
Admin username: ******
Admin password: ********
Admin Email: @

MySQL database: ****** (there was a valid DB name here)
MySQL DB user: ******* (there was a valid DB user name here)
MySQL DB host: localhost
MySQL DB password: ********
Update notification: Active
Auto Upgrade : Disabled
Automated Backup : Disabled
Time of installation : June 4, 2023, 9:28 pm

Hi Vim -

I would check the permissions on that directory (looks like you’re installing into a subdirectory).

Your hosting company support should be able to point you in the right direction there. It doesn’t look like a Concrete-specific problem, though.