9.1.1 Hello World Block

Hi, I’ve tried the hello world from here on concrete5cms.org


Chrome prevented the download so I grabbed the url from the console:

I’m on latest load, 9.1.1 and while the hello world block installs correctly, every time I try to add it to my site I get the following errors ( Please see first error from image below )

I connected my site to the community and attempted to try a few other free add-ons, under Add Functionality, and tried both of these apps, and each gave errors as well, please see attached:

This is a new install these are first attempts to add functionality and blocks-

Any pointers? Thanks a ton


Downgrade php version on your server to 7.4 or fix those errors by yourself like:

(maybe adding some isset($variableName) will be required besides that, but in general tip above should fix php8 errors).

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