Add Custom font

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to actively do anything with a new site, so please be patient and kind! I’m loving v9, but am struggling to find helpful info on how to add an extra font to a theme I have purchased.

The theme is Modena, but I want to add a font not supplied. Do I just need to add all the relevant info into the custom css option on the theme, or something else?

@justynpride Hi there!

So yes, unless you want to make an additional “skin” for the theme, I believe you’d need to plug in the relevant CSS. If you’re hosting the font files locally, you’d also need to get those in a place the CSS can reference them, but if it’s something like a Google Font, just adding that font call to the tracking codes area and then making the relevant CSS overrides should do the trick.

Thanks. Very helpful.