Add topic to filter Event list block

When I’m editing the Events list block, I have a bug if I add filter by topic attribute. I can’t to choose a topic because the topic list didn’t load.
Capture d’écran 2022-08-31 à 12.07.07

With the block “Agenda” it works perfectly.

Are there any errors in the browser console or logs? How to open the browser console to view errors

Hi there.

I’m not completely sure but your description of the bug sounds like the one I encountered a few weeks ago and I asked for help here: V9.1.1 - bug in event list block when using specific topic filtering? - #7 by RobR

In the meanwhile the bug I reported has been fixed with the upcoming version 9.1.2. See the issue in github:

Hope that helps.
Cheers, Rob


Thank you for your help. Now, I know how to fix that!