Added new theme to project, how to get it to my site?

I’m using v8.45, and when I logged into C5 after several months of my two sites working fine and needing no updates, to add a video to one of them. C5 said that V9 is coming, and all sites/themes need to be V9 compatible, so I browsed the themes on the marketplace and found one I liked. I bought it using paypal. I clicked the download button and nothing seemed to happen. Then I looked at the Project for the site, and saw that the new theme wasn’t there (it seems that last time I added a theme, that it appeared automatically) Found the button to “associate” the theme, and found the button for that theme. It now said the new theme is “associated” with the project. So I go to my website and look in for the new one. No joy, only two older themes, one that was active, one that could be activated. So, how do I get a new theme that I’ve paid for to show up on my site? Do I need to download the theme manually into my site directory? If so, how do I do that? It’s been years since I have had to touch that, and if that is required I need a walk through! Just an extra note, I was somewhat prepared to do the manual download, but there wasn’t any place to enter the location to download to.

The theme won’t show up in your site if it’s not compatible with your current core version, is the theme you picked compatible with 8.4.5? That’s quite an old core version.

Hutman, thanks for replying, i dyslexicly reported my version, it is actually 8.5.4! In any case i think i got befuddled by slow internet. After posting my question, looking through several pages in the CMS manual and stumbling back to my site, i found the theme sitting there waiting to be installed. I guess i expected some feedback that it was downloaded and accessible. Not having that, i figured it didn’t happen. Too much time between access and updates for me, i suppose. I did get it installed and tried out successfully.