Advanced permission access to the dashboard

I’m setting up a system with advanced permissions. I’ve allocated specific user groups to particular tasks, for example the group ‘calendars’ has permissions to access the calendar areas to add/edit/delete events, while the group ‘magazines’ has permission to upload files and edit certain areas of a particular page. So far, so good (though I am finding it very much a trial and error process as there doesn’t seem to be much documentation about this and permissions are spread all over the place!).

I also want to give these groups access to the dashboard, but only those parts relevent to their function. In sitemap I set dashboard permissions to manual and added the groups to those permitted to view the sitemap and I’ve also set subpage permission to ‘inherit default page type permissions’, however the permissions are propagating to ALL dashboard subpages, giving the users full access to the complete system.

Is this a fault in the system or am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately you’re going to have to grant access to the dashboard and then go through the subpages and remove permissions except where you want them to be. Or if you don’t grant access to the dashboard you have to give the users direct links to the pages they can access.

That’s a pain! So can anyone explain what the subpage permission is all about. I can understand ‘inherit permissions of this page’, but what then does 'inherit default page type permissions’? I’d assumed it would be the opposite of inherit permissions, i.e. don’t inherit permissions.

The “inherit default page type permissions” means that it will use the permissions set in the Dashboard → Pages & Themes → Page Types settings rather than the settings of the parent it was created under.

I don’t believe this setting really applies to the Dashboard because those are Single Pages rather than regular pages with a Page Type.

OK, thanks for the explanation.