After Marketplace Upgrade, My Add Ons Will Not Download

So I am updating some Beta websites to Version 9 since Version 8 is going away. I am running to the usual image reference issues and things breaking, but since the new marketplace has been put in place, I cannot Extend Concrete - throws an error as below. This has happened on 2 of my websites that I am working on. Error is:

Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message “rename(): The first argument to copy() function cannot be a directory”

#27 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /home/customer/www/
#26 rename in /home/customer/www/
#25 Concrete\Core\Marketplace\PackageRepository:download in /home/customer/www/
#24 Concrete\Controller\SinglePage\Dashboard\Extend\Install:download in /home/customer/www/
#23 call_user_func_array in /home/customer/www/
#22 Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController:runAction in /home/customer/www/
#21 Concrete\Core\Http\ResponseFactory:controller in /home/customer/www/
#20 Concrete\Core\Http\ResponseFactory:collection in /home/customer/www/
#19 Concrete\Core\Http\DefaultDispatcher:handleDispatch in /home/customer/www/
#18 Concrete\Core\Http\DefaultDispatcher:dispatch in /home/customer/www/
#17 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\DispatcherDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#16 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\FrameOptionsMiddleware:process in /home/customer/www/
#15 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#14 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\StrictTransportSecurityMiddleware:process in /home/customer/www/
#13 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#12 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\ContentSecurityPolicyMiddleware:process in /home/customer/www/
#11 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#10 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\CookieMiddleware:process in /home/customer/www/
#9 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#8 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\ApplicationMiddleware:process in /home/customer/www/
#7 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareDelegate:next in /home/customer/www/
#6 Concrete\Core\Http\Middleware\MiddlewareStack:process in /home/customer/www/
#5 Concrete\Core\Http\DefaultServer:handleRequest in /home/customer/www/
#4 Concrete\Core\Foundation\Runtime\Run\DefaultRunner:run in /home/customer/www/
#3 Concrete\Core\Foundation\Runtime\DefaultRuntime:run in /home/customer/www/
#2 require in /home/customer/www/
#1 require in /home/customer/www/
#0 require in /home/customer/www/

There is a fix for this on GitHub which will be included in the next release.

That is good this will be addressed. Looks like the Welcome screen no longer includes update messages either. I have a site on Version 9.2.9 and there is no update message, and also when I check for updates manually, nothing will show up. I know that 9.3 is out, but it’s not being found. I am also connected to the marketplace.

If you are comfortable making manual edits you can add the fix to your site before the official fix is published. I successfully resolved it by making the edits manually from the diff on github mentioned in this post:

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@alcopros Sorry for hijacking this thread - I’ve seen two of your support requests via the marketplace, but I’m unable to reply to your messages for some reason (not sure if that’s a bug with the new marketplace, or you have an account setting to not receive messages)

If you could drop a message to, I can reply

(didn’t have any other way to contact!)

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