Autonav strange behavior

I’m using C5 9.2 with the modena theme and cannot get the autonav to function correctly. I want to have a top nav that is consistent for every page, with top level pages shown and pages below them as a flyout menu when a top level item is hovered over.

Instead on the Home page, I only get top level pages. Only when I load a top level page that has pages below do I get the flyout menu on hover but only for that page, not any other page that has sub pages.

I’ve tried using different autonav templates and changing various settings for the block, but nothing is working. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the theme template but rather is coming from the core autonav controller. Specifically in a part of getNavigationArray() underneath a comment ‘// Joshua’s Huge Sorting Crap’. I’m trying to go through this logic but it’s fairly difficult to follow.

I’ve searched the forum but didn’t see anyone else mention this. Seems it would be a common problem if the behavior is coming from the core controller. Anyone else notice this or have any suggestions?

What settings do you have for the block? It almost sounds like you have Current Level + 1 or Relevant Subpages set instead of All

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yeah all child pages and all page levels, and it seems to work now. Sorry thought I’d tried everything… thx for the nudge!

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