Best Practice - Javascript without semicolons

I see e.g. here bedrock/tree.js at master 路 concrete5/bedrock 路 GitHub no use of semicolons at the end of the lines.

2 questions regarding this:

  • Is this best practice now for ConcreteCMS .js code?
  • Is there a c5 discussion about this topic?

(my IDE is full of warnings with this code - I know, I could adjust the settings :wink: )

This is nothing new, the same file is used by c5-8

Yes, this file has been in use for awhile.

Regarding semi-colons 鈥 when we moved all of the core JS into the bedrock repository we implemented JavaScript linting, which ensures that our code conforms to common language standards. There are a million ways to configure this and set it up 鈥 I鈥檓 not sure how Korvin chose the exact standard he did but I think he chose one of the standard rulesets and just moved on from there. I don鈥檛 have strong feelings on it one way or another, but I do think having our JS code conforming to one set of standards is very helpful.