Block utilistion on pages

Is there a simple way to know where (in which page(s)) a block type is used?
For example, I have the mailchimp package installed and I want to know where this block type is used before uninstall it. See my image below:
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Any help with that? Thanks in advance


If you go to Blocks & Stacks > Block Types

Find the block and click it there is a link on the number. Click that and it shows you what pages have it on.

Thanks for that.
unfortunately there is no link on the number…
I use version 8.5.1

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Ok try the search then


Click advanced search

Change keyword to contains block type select the block.


Yes, it is!
Thanks for your time.

For alternate approaches to this

Addon Block Finder - concrete5

Also, my Package Magic - concrete5 addon includes a block and template usage report for a package.

On c5.6, Block Finder - concrete5

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