Can I use Concrete 9.0 RC for a new project?

I have a project that will be live in 1-2 months, building will begin in a week or so. Should I stick with 8.5 or already use 9 and update to the final version during the build? The container feature really fits this project, just want to know if it’s a smart move or a hassle during the building phase.

It depends how business critical your project is. If you need stability and reliability, then stick with v8.

At the moment v9 is beta, not production. Starting a project to deliver in 2 months would be a big risk. Starting a project to deliver in 12 months would likely be a no higher risk than using v8.


A little late, but from another perspective, version 9 is being used in production websites now and is recommended by the core team:

Thanks for the reply, with the aimed release before halloween and the project being pushed back to somewhere end October I will see and work with RC4 and if it fails I will fall back to V8 and upgrade later.