Cannot login to site 9.2.1

Hi, after setting up 9.2.1 on mySQL 8.0, I cannot login to edit. Thinking I messed up my user name or password, I tried to send myself a Forgot Password email which gets caught in the Gmail spam system. I’m pretty sure I have the correct login info, as I wrote everything down and it matches what my browser remembers. I’m using a Safari browser version 16.6. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I could not find any posts that match my situation. Thanks.

Your user name will be ‘admin’
If you have phpMyAdmin access to the database, you can find the lost password link in the last entry in the Logs table.

Failing that @mnakalay has a detailed post at Kalmoya,com

That was the ticket! Reset the password and all is golden. Thank you! Thank you!