Can't add or duplicate pages in multilanguage setup

After upgrading to 8.5.5 I found I can’t add or duplicate any existing pages, in a multilanguage setup on existing languages or even creating new ones. After looking for a while I found this Multilanguage error #5750

In that issue there’s an user name ‘ideasc’ or ideaserving in the old forum that writes this solution:

A lot in late, but in my situation, Concrete8.5.2 updated from old version, maybe 5.7, solution was to set “siteTreeID” of my default language from “SiteLocales” table, to “Pages” table, column “siteTreeID”, where “cFilename” column is “/!drafts/view.php”

After doing that, if you have fixed correctly, following query should return an id, mine was 129

select p.cID from PagePaths pp inner join Pages p on pp.cID = p.cID inner join SiteLocales sl on p.siteTreeID = sl.siteTreeID where cPath = '/!drafts' and sl.siteID = 1

I just want to give a big thank you to this user because after applying his solution my site works as usual again.

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Thanks for reporting that @thenine ! Good solution.