Category Upgrade V8 to V.9

Hi all,
I am having a variety of issues updating from V.8 to V. 9 including PHP 8.0 errors.
I have spent copious hours searching the forum and support and documentation.
I have 2 suggestions:

  1. A specific category for this topic and/or
  2. A chapter in the developer documentation on this topic.

On the subject of the documentation - I think this also urgently needs to be split for Version 9 as there are great differences in theme, block and package development.


Hi @fatcatsanonymous,

Yes, we have been discussing this internally and will be putting together a document on frequently-encountered issues upgrading from v8-v9 - I’ll post a link here when that is ready.

Hi Evan,
that’s great news, Thanks!

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And here it is! Updating Concrete Themes from Version 8 to Version 9 :: Concrete CMS

If you have any other suggestions or notes you’d like to see added, there’s also this thread for collecting topics: