Change color of site name in Atomik

How do I Change the color of the site name in the Atomik theme?

My guess is you’re using the top nav bar block. In that case, you need to add css to a.navbar-brand. In it’s simplest form you could add an html block to the page containing:

a.navbar-brand {
    color: blue!important;

Other, better, options would be use jquery to achieve the same effect, or create a custom template for the top nav bar block

Welcome to the new forums by the way. If you don’t recall, I reviewed an addon or two of yours back in legacy c5 and I remember you being fairly active. Nice to see you back :slight_smile:

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I am 76 years old now and my cognitive abilities are in decline. I took up woodworking a few years go and got away from internet development. I came back to the computer to create a website for fellow woodworkers to display and sell their creations. I am not only having to recall all that I new and learned but also taking a jump forward into concrete 9. It seems to me that with all the advancements that they put into c9, they would have provided an editor to change and add attributes to the core entities such as the site name instead of having to add code. With a completely different layout to the new c9 I really don’t know where to begin to add a style sjeet that will load in the header of the site pages.

I think I have better plan. I copied the Elemental theme and loaded the copy into the application/themes sub directory and loaded my site with that. I, likewise, copied the top nav block into the /application/blocks sub directory and will do the same for any block that I need to customize so that I do not booger up the core elements.