Check Version after update


I try to debug a Concrete5 installation which is currently not working.
I think maybe I assumed the wrong version.
Is there a way to tell for sure which version is running?

Inside concrete/config/conrete.php it says version 8.2.1
but there is also a updates/concrete5-8.3.2 folder
application/config/update.php file

Is there a way to tell if that update was successful and the site is running on version 8.3.2?
Or is there a chance that the site was running on version 8.2.1?

Can you run the command line tool in /concrete/bin?

If so, what’s the output of concrete5 c5:info?

I dont know how to do that.

I think my hostint provider does not provide ssh connection.

Whatever it says in the application/config/update.php file. If the ‘update.php’ file is not there at all then the core files are running from the root/concrete folder

If you go to Systems & Settings, on the dashboard, and under Environment, click on Environment Information. This will show you your current version that is installed.

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