Community Store Sending Two Identical Order Notifications

Hey there all. I have an install of Community Store that has been running for quite a while. It was version 2.3.4 and had the Square payment gateway added on to it. My client kept getting reports of errors… something about ‘expecting an integer’ and in trying to figure that out it seems that whatever method the Square add-on uses is going to be retired June 2022 (or maybe it was July).

Anyway, I decided to switch over to the Stripe Elements add-on and it is working great except that both the Order Notification and the Receipt Email are both being sent twice… not charged twice… not different order numbers… exactly the same email, twice.

Any ideas as to why? I updated the store to the most recent version of Community Store and still having the issue. Is there any other place to set notification email addresses? Still wouldnt explain the purchaser receiving two copies of the same receipt email.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I was able to re-create this on my test install, and I’ve put in a fix.
Try this new release:

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Thanks for the quick response! I’ll give it a try.

Perfect! Thank you again.