Composer - Applying patch stuck

Hi there. When running “composer install” the process is stuck on applying the patches. I’m working on my MAC (m1) Ventura. I’m afraid this issue would also be happening on a live server. Does anyone know a solution?

Gathering patches from concretecms/dependency-patches (extra.patches).
Applying patch concretecms/dependency-patches/Add PHP 8.1 compatibility to anahkiasen/html-object

After 5 minutes it skips the patch and throws the following error:
The process “patch ‘-p0’ --no-backup-if-mismatch -N -d ‘/Users/example/Sites/concretecms-blackbox/vendor/anahkiasen/html-object’ -i ‘/Users/example/Sites/concretecms-blackbox/vendor/concretecms/dependency-patches/anahkiasen/html-object/php8.1-compatibility.patch’ -r ‘/private/var/folders/m1/787nb63j6cg2960px_d1xytm0000gn/T/PCHjEk9km/2.rej’ --dry-run” exceeded the timeout of 300 seconds.

Hi @EnoRm - can you give me some additional info about your environment - I see you said you’re on Mac, looks like you’re on PHP 8.1 is that right?