Concrete CMS Version 9.1.3 - Completely Disable Website Cache?


Running Concrete CMS version 9.1.3 on a new website.
We need to completely disable website cache.
(we develop web games that change frequently)

How can we do this?
Let us know, thanks!


You should be able to visit /dashboard/system/optimization/cache and disable all the cache there. If you also need to disable the doctrine entities proxy classes this can be disabled through /dashboard/system/environment/entities

If you are wanting to get deeper into it Caching Overview has some documentation on the caching system. You could likely set the various drivers to all point to a driver (possibly GitHub - php-cache/void-adapter: [READ-ONLY] Void or Blackhole PSR-6 Cache pool - I have not tried this ever)

If your webserver caches (or set etags) assets you may need to look into that configuration as well.

Are there any other specific items which are being cached which are causing issue for you?


Thanks for the help…
I did all the above, but cache is still occurring on website:
Anything else?


What is being cached that is causing issues? Is it the css / js assets you are creating? How are these assets being required within the website?

If you are using $controller->requireAsset('javascript', 'my-asset-handle'); they should have a ?ccm_nocache parameter added to their URL. Then using the clear cache page through the dashboard should update this unique string and have browsers download an updated copy of the asset

Registering an Asset - Concrete CMS Documentation has more info on registering your own assets and requiring them through a controller.

Hopefully this helps out, or if you can provide more context that may allow for more specific advice.


Justo to add on to what @triplei was suggesting, make sure you clear the cache after you set all those cache settings to not cache. Need to clear out what was left of the cache. :slight_smile: