Concrete_ui tabs v9.02

I’m trying to add tabs to a custom block form such as the one in the built in autonav (one tab is for settings, the other is for preview).

I notice the code for this in the autonav block is $concrete_ui->tabs. I’m having trouble getting this exact code to work in a custom block. I’m getting error:
Call to a member function tabs() on null

Do you have this in your controller.php

protected $helpers = ['concrete/ui'];

I believe that’s what would include what you need.

Try something like this:

$app = \Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Application::getFacadeApplication();
$userInterface = $app->make(UserInterface::class);
echo $userInterface->tabs([
[‘pages’, t(‘Pages’), true],
[‘options’, t(‘Options’)],

There is a tutorial on the tabs for v8 in the docs. For v9 I think something has already been posted in these forums noting how the code in the tutorial can be adapted.