Concrete v9 styles.xml and LESS

Hey back again, does Concrete V9’s styles.xml not support LESS?
I tried to follow the Atomik themes files, styles.xml and instead with the necessary changes.

But whenever i try to implement the new style options the customize button dissapears in the dashboard.

I would like to add these new style options because as far as i can tell, it allows me to create a select field with Google Fonts. I know that it is possible to use the custom css field for this, but i would prefer a more “modular” or simple way to select fonts.

Especially for clients, its easier for them to just select an option from a pre filled list instead of importing fonts.


And since i already started a thread, when will version 9.0.2 be released? I am getting constant errors like: Could not load content for
And errors with frontend.js

LESS is supported: Including LESS Stylesheets in your Theme

Could you provide an MRE? I can’t image what might be going wrong from your description.

This is a little late, but 9.0.2 was released in January: Concrete CMS 9.0.2 is now Available! :: Concrete CMS