Concrete5 updates not triggered from dashboard

Why wouldn’t the latest version of concrete5 be picked up when checking for updates from the dashboard? I’d been running on an older version and new of a later version. I found I had to go to my host to apply the new script. I’ve done the update, however, this isn’t reflected in the environment which still lists the older version.

Hi @Pamrights2
You’ll want to doublecheck the manual upgrade instructions found here:

How did your hosting company apply the update?

From the c-panel I used softaculous apps installer. From there is shows the script of the latest to apply.

Oh … the concrete5 documents aren’t so much help, as they don’t seem to reflect the latest version changes. :slight_smile: Plus I find the verbage not always easy to digest (and I do have a computer back, but from the old oldie days graduating in 1986–lol; sometimes it helps (most times, actually) others not so much…)