Constraining image sizes

Wondering when the core will stop spitting out a .png image when I constrain a .webp. When using the image block or my custom gallery block they both do the same, very annoying!
Surely good practise to have width & height?
A .png will sometimes be ten times heavier than my .webp image and I get penalised for the extra weight and not using the right extension.

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Yesterday’s town hall said something about proper support for Webp amongst the info on the new release schedule.

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I know this was discussed over eighteen moths ago (I think) because of one of my add-ons. Nour complained about .webp support and did some code work within the core, however he still allowed a fallback to .png, why?
I do not want to optimise images/photos to be .jpg and then have to redo to a .webp image?

I have four - six sites to upgrade to V9. Neither I nor my clients want to have to double up on workload!

This should have been fixed over twelve months ago!

So when is the next release, it’s been a long while since the last update (July 2023)?

I need to get on, progress, update the cms with several sites before I can retire!!

You always seem very negative in your posts.

I suggest if the feature you require isn’t there then you wait of ping the main Dev team.

Post on the forums with such negitive feedback is not going to get you far with most people.

Having worked in the development world for nearly 25years the speed that the core team roll out updates and such great features is very quick.

There are plenty of Devs on here that you could pay to help solve you issues.

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