Counting Block Usage

I upgraded to 9.1.3, and am trying to verify that all of our custom blocks are working. When I view the details of one of our Block Types, it gives me a “Usage Count on Active Pages” with a clickable count.

Problem: This link, which looks like /index.php/dashboard/blocks/types/search/[number] is then redirected to /index.php/dashboard/sitemap/search, and displays all pages in the site.

Is there any way to search for only the pages that use a particular block?

There is this tool:

Hi @amakely - I think that is an existing bug with navigating from the block types interface to the page search interface - it doesn’t actually keep the filtration parameters in place.

However if you go directly to the page search, and then choose the advanced search and add the field “contains block of type” then it will work properly. Just not that I also think it shows any page that has EVER had the block on it in any of its versions, so sometimes it can be a little confusing when the current version doesn’t have that block present on it.

Hope that helps!