Deleting a Calendar Event and Associated Detail Page

Is there a setting or method to automatically delete the generated event detail page when deleting the actual event from the calendar?

I have just noticed that the sitemap.xml included events that had been deleted from the calendar. On further investigation it was because the page generated from the deleted event was still present under the parent Event page.

When is the last time the sitemap job (v8) or task (v9)? Automated Jobs

Hi Jess,
the sitemap was actually correct as the pages from the deleted Calendar events were still sat under my Event page.

I am running the site on 9.1.2.
The issue has now resolved itself and the pages do now get deleted when the event is deleted.
What caused the problem is unclear but it maybe linked to the issue I had with deleting events that was posted on the forum a little while ago.

[Error deleting Calendar Event]

I applied the fixed as suggested and this solved the error issue I was seeing and potentially fixed the page deletion issue too?