Digitall Downloads

I will be building a new website that will need to support digital downloads, I am not sure if the current Concrete CMS Community Store supports digital downloads as a native plugin or if it is available as an addon. To avoid spending a lot of time building a dummy site, most likely 9.02, and installing the Community store, is there anyone that knows the answer?


It does yes, but currently it’s only one file per product that can be associated.
That option will send a temporary link to customer in their receipt email, where the link works for a configurable number of hours.

The other option is where you set up products to create new user accounts, and set up a downloads page, with the resources to download set up with permissions to control access and visibility. That can be better if you expect someone to need to log back in and re-download the resources, or when the resources are more complex (lots of different files, organised, etc).
Community Store, plus some other eCommerce add-ons can handle that too.

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Hi Mesuva, I have considered this, and it is a good solution and one that I think I will have to build. I cant make a promise but I will attempt to make it a plugin for the store, I had hoped for a quick win to get a site up to sell from and now other more urgent work has come along that is demanding my time. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it some serious consideration.

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