Displaying member name when student logs in

I am currently using Concrete5 ( 9.1.3) I am switching from wordpress. As such I am very use to how things work in WP.

On my Concrete5 installation I have a group for Students, and all my students have access to the “Student” Page.

How do I display the the students’ information, similar to how this page is working? I will have different groups for the students, each group showing their progress through the training and would like to also show the group name.

Does Concrete5 have ShortCodes to pull data like [username] or something similar?

I found a “custom” attribute, so I created one using user_fullname with the name “STUDENT” but I have no idea how to call it.

Unfortunately you will have to write a custom block to output these things. You’ll need to use the UserList and then when you loop through the users you can do $user->getAttribute(‘attribute_handle’); to output your attributes.

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Hmm, I stoped writing code over 14 years ago.
Seems that this data should alredy be available to the system , as the user was authenticated. Is there not a shortcode plugin that is available for basic functionaliy like this?

There was an addon that provided some such info in v8, Shortcodes - Concrete CMS

That has not been updated to v9.

One of the problems with a shortcode approach to inserting such information is that it can fall foul of caching. For example, the cache is refreshed when showing info for user A. Then user B looks at the page and sees data for user A.

A dedicated block can have its own dedicated cache flags to avoid that problem. A good starting point may be the Page Attribute Display block, because that already does a lot of work with page attributes.

You could also look at building out from Public Profiles. That is the mechanism used for the members directory on https://community.concretecms.com/

On the assumption you have students registered as users, so each student can have user attributes to fill out their details (and that may be a big assumption, there are other approaches to such a catalogue of people), there are several addons that can list and/or filter users or members.

Try https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/addons/-/view/?submit_search=1&search_keywords=members (and variations)

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Thank you, seems that this may be pushiing the limites of Concrete5 in its current incarndation.

I wouldn’t say pushing the limits. There are many of us who have implemented directories of people and personalised content. Its just that we don’t think in terms of shortcodes.

I am doing something like this at the moment.

I have users sign-up and then you can add recipe pages to a list, list are setup weekly and they are saved for only that user.

Fairly easy to setup if you can code.

You could try this free package: Author Profile - Concrete CMS