Document Library

I am working with Concrete 9.1.3 0n PHP 7.3.33. What I want to do is set up a document library in Atomik theme that will show just a specific folder. However, what happens at the moment is that any time I post a Document Library Block it shows all the files and folders in File Manager. I have hunted for a button that will allow me to restrict the library to a specific folder but to no avail. Sadly the Concrete Documentation simply has a blank page for Document Library.

There is also a second problem that I have hit this afternoon. I simply wanted to post up a 24Mb MP4 video. Again Atomik has a video block available so I have used that but all I get is the ‘play bar’ which shows start/pause and progress. Playing the video gives me sound but no picture. I was offered the opportunity to upload a placeholder picture when setting this up. Is that a requirement for the video to show? It does not seem likely though as I have a 10second .MOV video elsewhere in the site that happily plays sound and video and does not have the placeholder pic.



Hi @PeteThePen1,

So for filtering the document library by folder, I believe that should be the first option available in the document library edit screen with the heading “File Folder”:

Is that what you’re looking for? Or does yours maybe look different due to an override or something along those lines?

Regarding the video, I’m able to use the video and upload .mov and .mp4 - I uploaded a 21MB .mp4 in the video block and it seemed to work fine.

Have you maybe tried re-uploading the video file or making sure the video file itself isn’t somehow corrupted? But I agree, the placeholder pic shouldn’t be necessary.

Hi @PeteThePen1 - the Document Library documentation page is now populated: Document Library :: Concrete CMS

I’ve also shot you over some badges for bringing that to our attention. Thx!