Downloading an update never works

Whenever there is a version update available, the download button never works. This has been the case for the past major versions.

Instead of downloading, a PHP memory limit exceeded error appears.

Increasing the available memory for PHP is NOT a solution: it should work regardless!

What is your current PHP memory limit?

memory_limit is currently - 128M

128 is pretty low in my opinion.
The docs still suggest 64MB, but I reckon that’s way too low, especially for performing updates.
It’s not uncommon to have settings like 512.

Upping your memory limit is way forward here

That is ridiculous and it’s not a solution. The CMS should be built in a way that is does not hog memory.

Also, many websites run on shared hosting, where owners don’t have access to php memory settings.

What is the actual text of the error you get?

It sounds more likely to be a connection timeout than a memory issue if you’re getting it when you’re downloading the update.