Edit profile not showing

Hi~ I am using 9.1.1 and have the " Show the account menu when logged in (Site themes may override this value) ticked. I do not have enable public profiles ticked. The Edit Profile link does not show up on the site- is this a problem on Atomik theme? if so, is there a way around it so registered users can edit their profiles?

You will have to enable public profiles in order for your users to edit them. Even if that menu bar is not visible, users can then still navigate to their profile and click the edit link there!

Thanks so much for the reply. I did try that but it only added “Members” to the navigation bar and I don’t want all members of the site having access to other members.

You can change the permissions and attributes for the members page to remove it from nav and disallow others from seeing it.

The real problem here sounds like you want to make the “public” profiles private? This can be done, but you’ll need to override the profile.php file and check that the user viewing the page is the user the profile belongs to, and gut the pertinent info if it’s not.

Unfortunately there are no permissions to easily set this up. Might make for a nice enhancement issue on github. I could imagine a single checkbox option added to the core to make profiles “private” in this sense if enabled…