Editable front end express form

I’m trying to build an editable front end express form, so logged in users can update their details.

I know this is an old question, but can anybody suggest a good approach? I know the functionality is there because the Dashboard allows you to edit express entries.


The dashboard pages for express objects allow you to create forms for them and use the core forms block to show these forms on the front end. If it is user attributes you require them to edit, that can be enabled through public profiles.

For a more flexible alternative, the latest extension for my Form Reform addon, Form Reform Save to Attributes, can save data from form submissions to Express objects and to User attributes.

It is also covered in the second half of the July PRB news.

Hey John, how you keeping? Thanks for the reply.

Can your add-on post data from parts of the form to a User and other parts to an existing Express entrty?
Does it support front-end editing of existing express entries by logged in users?
Does it support hidden fields?


Yes. It has a fully configurable form handling pipeline. You can include either or both handlers in the pipeline.

It can update existing Express entries. To do that, you need to provide a means of identifying the entry (for example, by user ID). It currently can’t pre-populate a form from an existing express entity. You can pre-populate a form from user properties and attributes.

A way round this may be to also save submitted forms to another of Form Reform’s stores and use those to pre-populate future forms. That won’t help with existing express objects, but will provide a way to manage/update future submissions.

I would need to know more about your data and use-case to provide a definitive answer.

Yes, but it also provides other ways of propagating data that may be better than hidden fields.

Have a look through my docs pages about how Form Reform works. There is also a getting started video.