Error trying to delete social block

I installed Concrete CMS 9.1.3 locally on Ubuntu 22.10 (php version 8.1.7-1ubuntu3) with the Atomik framework. When I tried to to delete the “social block” I got an error about displayOrder not being declared (concrete/blocks/social_links/controller.php line 115).

The error goes away if I add

    protected $displayOrder = 0;

But I have no idea what a complete fix would be.

I also have also recently seen this error. It also occurs if you try to add margin and padding spacing via the design and templating menu. My work around was to clear the system cache and refresh the page.

Hi @phemisters - I would add an issue here regarding this if it seems to be happening on a clean install - thanks!

@EvanCooper I created a new issue as this was the first thing I tried with a clean install.