Error when adding form: undefined method on \Attribute\Site\Controller::getValue()

Hi on a new Concrete’s website i have an error when i add a form:

Call to undefined method Concrete\Attribute\Site\Controller::getValue()

form concrete/attributes/site/controller.php

on line

public function form()
$siteID = null;
if (is_object($this->getValue())) {
    $siteID = $this->getValue()->getSiteID();
is there a config i miss ? first time i have this error when adding form on c5 8.5.5

What core version is it?

You could try switching doctrine database entities into development mode (dashboard page).

done, it does not change anything, and i have the same information

concrete 8.5.5

It happend when i add the “site” question in the form only.
in Express, when i delete the site attribute it works.

That attribute should probably not be available. I’m not sure what you would use that for on a form, but I think that’s the “site” in a multisite setup. If you have multisite enabled then it will likely work.