Error when updating

We are trying to update but when we click Download it comes up with the below error:

An unexpected error occurred.

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 51220746 bytes)

We are Currently Running 8.4.2

Any help would be appreciated


You could try a manual update using the replace core directory method and the CLI. There is plenty written about that in other forum threads.

From 8.4.2, you should update directly to 8.5.10. But don’t update any further before you have 8.5.10 updated and stable. Then reassess whether your site is suitable for updating to 9.1.3.

Is there other stuff running on this server? It looks like you’re running out of memory - Concrete requires a PHP Memory Limit at least 64 MB. Looks like this is dying when it’s trying to allocate ~51.2MB