[Express] Customising UX of Form Field type Association (Multiple, Entry Selector)

Hey so in one of the forms I have the user picks from an Association for the Express Object. There’s a few things I would like to improve, and I’m not sure how.

  1. Options don’t start showing until they start typing. Is there a way I can have it start presenting some sort of list (and the list is expected to grow to over hundreds, so this may be a bad idea) to trigger the user that the list works?
  2. The Associated Express Object has an Image for each Express Entry. How would I go about showing the Image for the selected Express Entries in this form? In addition to the text (name) for the Express Entr(y/ies) selected?

The intent is to make a more rich UX for filling out this part of the form. Since text-only can functionally work, and there’s already a part telling the user to start typing. But if it’s not a huge amount of work I may find value in improving that.

Hey @BloodyIron,

So for #1 I think you’re probably right - having stuff appear automatically would be quickly undesirable. Maybe having some help text a la “begin typing to see available options” might be ideal there.

For #2 - so just for my understanding you’re wanting to display thumbnails next to results that show up in the autocomplete form suggestions, is that right?

For #2, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m looking for yes, as well as in the field when they are selected. Kind of like a rich UX, instead of only the name of the “thing”.