Express Data Objects: Remove requirement from a many-to-many association

I have two Express Data Objects: Products and Customer Cases. They have a many-to-many relation between them: a single Product might appear in many Customer Cases and one Customer Case might talk about many Products.

When I try to insert a new Product that has no Customer Case associated with it yet, I get an error message saying that I need to select a Customer Case. The Customer Case is not required on the form, so it seems that somehow the association creates the requirement.

Is there any way that I can either specify that the many-to-many relation is not required or work around that requirement?

I don’t know if it was fixed in latest 8.x branch, but if not, follow instructions in comment:


Bug: You can't add Express entry with empty association in 8.x version

1) Copy this modified file to:

2) Skip this part if you are auto-loading classes from src folder:
$classLoader = new \Symfony\Component\ClassLoader\Psr4ClassLoader();
$classLoader->addPrefix('Application', DIR_APPLICATION . '/' . DIRNAME_CLASSES);

3) Override core file
$app->bind('\Concrete\Core\Express\Form\Control\Validator\AssociationControlValidator', function() {
    return new Application\Express\Form\Control\Validator\AssociationControlValidator(new Concrete\Core\Error\ErrorList\ErrorList());

namespace Application\Express\Form\Control\Validator;

use Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Control\AssociationControl;
use Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Control\Control;
use Concrete\Core\Error\ErrorList\ErrorList;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

class AssociationControlValidator implements \Concrete\Core\Express\Form\Control\Validator\ValidatorInterface
     * @var ErrorList
    protected $errorList;

    public function __construct(ErrorList $errorList)
        $this->errorList = $errorList;

    public function validateRequest(Control $control, Request $request)
        if ($control->isRequired()) {
            $associationValue = $request->request->get('express_association_' . $control->getId());
            if (!$associationValue) {
                 * @var AssociationControl
                $this->errorList->add(t('You must select a valid %s', $control->getAssociation()->getTargetEntity()->getName()));

        return $this->errorList;
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Thanks, that worked. I did change $app->bind() to Core::bind() in the bootstrap file.