File management - file access - properties where the file is linked is empty

concrete5 Version (Core Version - 8.5.4 , Version Installed - 8.5.4)

When uploading files, sometimes the file access properties remain blank.
Explanation: I upload a file (pdf) and link it on the page. Afterwards I look under File Management - File Access for the properties. These are empty for some files and complete for some. How can this be. Since it only works sometimes, it can’t be due to user permissions. Also, I am in the same directory, so it can’t be the file path permissions either? Does anyone else have any ideas. Please ask for support. Thanks a lot

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Hi @kathl,

It seems like some of the files might be getting interrupted on transfer or blocked by a security policy on your server maybe? That would explain why Concrete thinks the files made it and created the values in the file manager, but there are no actual files there.

Maybe a mod_security thing? Not sure. Might be good to check with your hosting company.

Hi EvanCooper,
thank you very much for the feedback. I will ask our hoster. Have a nice weekend!