File Manager - Last Subfolder Visited

In V8, when inserting an image or selecting file manager the system would automatically put you back into the last folder you were in. In version 9, any time I want to insert an image or go to file manager, the system puts me in at the top level. I have several sites that have many sub folders for images due to size and complexity. Having to manually click (or even use jump to folder) EVERY time is a HUGE time waster in Version 9. Can this functionality be brought back? Is there a way to control this? The file manager in V9 reminds me of the limited functionality in WordPress - really dislike this.

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thks darrellgw, 100% agreeing with this suggestion ! hope concrete’s dev will hear us

I agree these kinds of behaviour changes would make a big difference.
I don’t mind the new file manager, but there are a few workflow related things like this that still feel missing.

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Agree totally. For instance, so much easier (and way faster) to run automated jobs in V8.

In addition, in V8 and previous you could replace an image in the file manager and that would update your entire website - anywhere that image was used. Unless I am missing something, that feature is not available in V9. Again, disappointing.

You can still do this but it takes a tiny bit long longer to do in comparison to v8. ‘Replace’ is now called ‘Swap’ and is accessible after clicking the image in file manager and then going to ‘Manage’.

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Thanks for the tip, good to know.

Hi @darrellgw - that would be useful, I recommend submitting a Github issue marked as a “feature request” here - thx!

Good idea. I just did. Thank you.