I enjoy using concrete5, but I find updating/upgrading an creepy process.
Fortunately, after some testing, it worked out well. I updatet to 9.1.3 and php 8.2

I do have 2 questions regarding the file manager.

  1. Previously, the files with the newest came out on top. Now it is not entirely clear to me which files are at the top. I can re-sort via “date modified”, but that has to be done again and again.
    Is that order no longer possible?

  2. Previously, after an upload, the question automatically arose which filesets to which the files should be linked. Now I have to do that manually afterwards with the risk that it will be forgotten.
    Is there another solution for that?

The emphasis of file manager organisation has moved to folders. When you upload files, they are uploaded into the current file manager folder.

Filesets have not been deprecated, but they are not a primary consideration for the v9 uploader. It can be a nuisance for some file listing blocks and galleries/sliders that have historically worked with filesets, where you now need to go through the extra stage adding each uploaded file to the set.

This is one of the reasons my own addons all offer a choice of working with Folders or Filesets.

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Thanks for your info.
Its clear.