Folders disappear after uploading image in version 8.5.9

I have upgraded a client’s site to version 8.5.9 and have noticed that after uploading an image and closing the completion window the file folders disappear until I refresh the page. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

File Manager after closing the upload complete window.

File Manager after refreshing the page.

This issue occurs in various browsers with the cache emptied etc…

I confirm.
It seems that a search for all files is triggered after uploading a file (even a .txt file, so it’s not related to image files), just like when the search button is clicked after entering file manager.

LE: It happens also in older version (8.5.6, 8.5.7). Also it seems it manifests when uploading to the root of file manager, but not when uploading in a folder (File Manager/ vs File Manager/Test). @studio108 could you please check this (upload file in a folder vs upload file in root)?

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Hi @cristi78,
I have tested and it appears you findings are correct. I also tried it on a version of 8.5.7 and the issue occurred there also. Good spot!