Has anyone ever did there own plugin update of Syntax Highlighter from v6

IM trying to update an old site that uses the SyntaxHighlighter plugin and I am trying to bring it into v8/9 form. I know there are newer free plugins, but am going this route to try to maintain the existing structure.

IM getting stuck with an error in the view.

    Loader::library("geshi", "syntax_highlighter");
    $geshi = new geSHi($this->code, $this->language);

Class ‘Concrete\Package\SyntaxHighlighter\Block\SyntaxHighlighter\geSHi’ not found

I any one familiar with these plugin conversions.

I’m not familiar with that particular plugin but I believe what is happening is that Loader::library is no longer a thing, so your class is not being included. You will want to move that class into the src directory, properly namespace it, and add the appropriate use statement or include that functionality using composer (if possible).

i added
use Concrete\Package\SyntaxHighlighter\Libraries\Geshi;
to controller.php
and added /geshi folder and geshi.php to SyntaxHighlighter\Libraries\ folder

I namespaced geshi.php
namespace Concrete\Package\SyntaxHighlighter\Libraries\Geshi;

I still get error
“Class ‘Concrete\Package\SyntaxHighlighter\Block\SyntaxHighlighter\GeSHi’ not found”

from $geshi = new GeSHi($this->code, $this->language);

here is the old package

I saw your DM. For some reason I can’t reply to it as there’s no “Reply” button.
Answering it here. I’m afraid, but I haven’t done any work with concretecms in a while and therefore can’t help you with it.

Make sure you check your captialization, Geshi is not the same as GeSHi, I’m guessing that’s why it’s not working for you.