Hide Parent page but not in site wide nav to group subpages under a blank parent page

any idea how to Hide a Parent page (make it unaccessible) but being still visible in the site-wide head nav to group subpages under a blank parent page, please?
I want to group many child pages under their parent page without having to have the parent page. Only use it in the head nave list.
Concreete5 8.5.0
Framework Theme

So what you can do is setup a page and then add this attribute

Replace Link with First in Nav

Used by: Autonav
Handle: replace_link_with_first_in_nav
Type: checkbox

When added and activated for a particular page, and that page is linked to using the Auto-Nav, the parent page will not be linked to. Instead, the page with the lowest display order under the parent page will be linked to instead. (e.g. Click on “Locations” in a navigation, and actually link to “/locations/first-location” instead.


What I would then do for SEO purposes is have this parent page as a landing page with a page list of all the pages below and there descriptions

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Yes that’s a good idea. Thanks.
The problem is I can’t find the “Replace Link with First in Nav” menue in my attribute side bar ?
In Attributes I only have :

  • [Is Featured]
  • [Exclude From Nav]
  • [Exclude From Page List]
  • [Exclude From Search Index]
  • [Tags]
  • [Thumbnail]
  • [Exclude Sub-Pages From Nav]

Any idea?

You have to create the attribute from a ‘Checkbox’ see the image for further detail.

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Awesome! Thanks heaps. Didn’t know that I could create some other attributes!

That’s a good point. I’ve edited the documentation to clarify that point: Built-In Page Attributes

interesting. Just last night I was thinking about gathering a list of the “unknown” attributes and creating a package to simply install them. Is there a reason we don’t just install them with the core and document them?

@enlil I really don’t know. It might be a good candidate for a feature request in GitHub. Or might be worth asking at next week’s town hall. Want me to add it to the agenda?

@Myq I see some of them are documented, and we recently approved “Structured Sitemap XML” out of PRB which nicely works with the two “hidden” sitemap attributes. I can’t personally comment on the total number of these attributes that exist, but it would def be a good thing to better document them, or provide an installer so users will be more up front about what the are and how to use them! Certainly a good question for Town Hall. Although I won’t be able to attend live, I’ll be looking forward to the responses :slight_smile: