How can you restore a deleted page when the recycle bin is paginated?

I’m trying to restore a deleted page. Usually I can do this by dragging the page from the recycle bin to the place I want to restore it to. However I have accumulated a lot of deleted pages, and the page I want to restore is now on the second page of paginated recycle items. Clicking on the second page takes you to a flat view of only recycle bin items, and clicking on the item I want to restore only gives me a “delete forever” option. There seems to be no way to restore items once they have left the first page of pagination?

I have had similar issues where the sitemap became paginated and certain drag-drop functionality became an issue and was able to solve it by increasing the ‘sitemap_pages’ config setting. Is there a similar config setting for recycle bin pagination limits?

One way around this would be to delete items in the first pagination page until your desired page appears there and then restore it as you would usually do.

Another way could be to raise the limit of pages displayed by the sitemap.
Add something like this to /application/config/concrete.php :

return array(
    'limits' => array(
        'sitemap_pages' => 500