How do I Get Underlines Under Links?

I just installed Concrete a few days ago and started building out some sites. Right away, I saw that the links aren’t underlined. I know that’s the “in” or “cool” way to do web design, but I HATE it and always have. How do I get my links to be underlined like it’s 1999?

I figure it’s in some .css file somewhere, but I can’t see where, and I forgot the code for it, too.

Edit: I’m using the Elemental theme and the latest version of Concrete.

Normally the css for adding underlines under links in a paragraph is as follows: p a {text-decoration: underline;}

That helps, and thanks - but surely there’s a way to edit the main css file so the links will all be underlined without me having to manually add that to each link one at a time?

until v8 it was possible to add “custom css” to elemental theme by personalizing it (it’s hidden at the bottom left) but as I use now Atomik (which, unfortunately, does not offer that very practical tool) I can’t guarantee it still works

Thanks a lot to both of you! It took some looking, but I found the “customize css” option (the name might be a bit different, but the option does still exist), then added the code mentioned by Studio108. I now have underlined links in the main text area!

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