How do I remove the 'Active Processes' button from top toolbar?

The ‘Active Processes’ button has pinned itself in the top toolbar and I can’t see how to remove it?

I have searched help and can’t see how to remove it?

UPDATE: I have noticed that this button pins itself in the toolbar once you go to the sitemap and empty the trash folder.

Its there because either

  1. The core is still emptying the trash (or another task). It can take time
  2. The trash emptying (or other task) has broken or has not been marked as completed

In the case of (1), you don’t want to mess with it directly

In the case of (2), there were some bugs in tasks fixed in 9.1.2. If you are pre 9.1.2, try updating. If on 9.1.2, please file an issue on GitHub.

If you simply don’t want to see the button and don’t care about what it is saying, the simplest way is to hide it with some css. That way you won’t break anything connected with showing it.

Hi John,

thank you for your reply.

I am running version 9.1.2 on PHP 8.0.8

There are no processes running so I can only currently assume it is a bug. I will file the issue in GitHub.

To hide it for now I have used

a[data-bs-original-title="Active Processes"] {
        display:none!important ;

Not ideal as it flashes up and then disappears but it is a short term fix.

UPDATE: The issue seems to occur if you run the empty trash process to an already empty trash folder. I managed this purely whilst demonstrating to a client how to empty the trash without noticing that the folder was already empty. I can only then assume the process gets stuck in a loop as it has nothing to delete?

@studio108 Good find, I can recreate that. I think you created a black hole by trying to empty an already empty trash can :wink:

I believe this has been fixed in the upcoming version 9.2.0 with a clear processes button.