How do I revert back to empty theme after trying Atomik and Elemental

I installed concrete 9 and tried out the Atomik and the Elemental themes and now I would like to just start out building the website beginning with an empty theme. I am spending way to much time trying to make all those little changes with the block edit and template functions that are not working for me. I think it would be a lot more expedient for me to build the website from the ground up, one step at a time starting with a blank theme rather than spending weeks trying to modify something already built.

Simplest is to use the CLI

Then install again, but without the sample content. If using the CLI to install, its atomik_blank or elemental_blank. If installing via the web browser, just make sure you pick the option for no sample content.

You may find it easier to create a second site, so you can use your existing default install as a reference for configuring navigation and some basic page types.

The blank install really is very blank.

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I don’t find atomik blank. Is it hidden?
Elemental blank is available, - would that make a difference when installing?

If you try it and it isn’t there, the command will exit after doing nothing.
If you use another and there is no content, you should be able to just set the other theme in the dashboard.

Thanks, I got it. It found my theme and installed it.

This is what I expected and was afraid of. I was hopping to revert to a blank template and a theme without any already added containers or blocks. Re-installing from scratch means that I have to clear the database and set it up again.

It’s the best way but it’s a 5min job at best