How to create folder for uploaded images in conversation

We use the “conversation” block for a whiteboard for students where they upload PDF’s and images to publicly show progress an a certain project.
When images are uploaded they are stored on the first level of the filemanager.
It would be nice to create a project folder where uploaded files automatically are stored and thus easily found. I couldn’t find information about this
We use v.9.1 /php8 with an pimped bootstrap 5 elemental theme.
Thanks for hinting

Hi @CoDa_ZRH Is there a way you can change the file manager permissions to accomplish what you need to. File Manager Permissions
This is a useful thread:
How to give permission to only one folder in filemanager? - #7 by EvanCooper

@CoDa_ZRH I see what you’re saying about conversations, though - there’s no way to specify a folder for the conversations block to upload to. I think that would be a good issue to raise here - be sure to mark it as type “feature request”: Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub