I need help with my two Concrete5 websites becoming not compatible with the host

I have two websites I somehow managed to build myself, even though I am an idiot, thanks to Concrete5 simiplicity. Now my host shows that my two websites will not work soon when they upgrade their hosting version. Can anyone help me?

We can help! Either with rebuilding your site in a modern version of Concrete or we can even continue hosting the old site for you on our network (the issue is usually with supporting older versions of PHP).

Drop me an email to info@pixelfields.co.uk to find out more


Hello Jimmy,

I can help you,
I have sent you a private message.


Hello there,

I would like to assist you with this work.
Please get connected to discuss further.

E- linneajones.mil@gmail.com

How long ago did you build them? Sometimes the best thing to do is rebuild them in the latest version rather than try to get an old C5 working with a new PHP. Anyway email us to discuss further: info@antropy.co.uk

Hi Jimmy,
I can look into the issue caused by PHP version upgrade.
Please share the link to your website.
eMail - deepvyas71@gmail.com

Awaiting your reply


To all the kind people who have responded to my request for help, I would like to thank you and tell you that I am saving your emails. For the time being I have decided to enlist someone close by who will attempt to help me. If that does not get me fixed up, I will re-visit all your kind replies. And a special thanks to Franz for checking on me. Thanks again to all.