Is 9.2 Available in softaculous?

What time will this be accessible through the Softaculous software installer?


When I tried to install Concrete 9.1.3 on my new hosting, in February this year, it did not work. My new hosting company told me Softaculous was wonderful and easy to use - but it not work, it seems to me from the error message (as of Feb 2023) the Softaculous system was still set for Concrete 8.

I installed Concrete 9.1.3 very easily on my hosting using cpanel and ftp.

I have tried many cms’s on my desktop and I have found Concrete one of the easiest systems to install as long as your computer / server meets the requirements in the Concrete documentation I have found the installation foolproof.

I have tried the composer install as well just once but it also worked without problems.

I would give the Softaculous system a miss if were you.

Yes, I utilized a web hosting service, and that service provided the Softaculous, which allowed me to install Concrete CMS 9.1.3, but that was over a month ago.

Yes 9.2 showed up a couple of days ago

Yes, saw it. thanks.