Is it possible to change the Sitemap order?

Currently, when I create a new blog post it’s added at the very bottom of all other blog posts. Is there a way to add them to the top when they’re created?

The issue I have with them being at the bottom is when I try to link to them by browsing the sitemap they get cut off because the Full Sitemap has a limit to the amount it can show. This forces me to switch to the Flat Sitemap and flick between pages. I would rather the latest blog posts show up at the top of the Sitemap without me having to manually adjust it every time a new post is added.

I must admit this has caused me issue in the past. I have a few sites that have over 60-70 pages and the news ones are always hard to get to in the site map. Could we have it so there is setting that adds them to the top or bottom of the list?

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+1 it would be great if this could be set as an option of a page type publish target or something so it doesn’t have to be site-wide.

In the mean-time I have tied in to various events to manually set a location using something like Example: Changing a Page's Location Based on its Date :: Concrete CMS and I would imagine the same could be done to set the page order

@TravsVoid yeah that sounds like a cool feature - I’d recommend making a feature request here on Github.